It’s ironic that I just finished watching a VelocityConf video and stumbled upon this gem from TechCrunch. A choice quote: For anyone who has seen the new Pixar movie, Up, this reminds me of the scene where they have to throw stuff out of the house to make it float again. Every website (and that includes […]

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The English Premier League GitHub Application

After half a day’s worth of data-gathering and HTML/CSS/Javascript, I present to you: the EPL GitHub App. (Works on iPhone too) Brought to you by: GitHub, JQuery, UiUIKit, Ruby With inspiration from: Paul Buchheit It’s still very rough around the edges, and there are some more features I’d like to add. But I’ve found a […]

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I’m Arun Thampi, a Ruby developer at Wego, the kickass travel meta-search engine based in Singapore. We’re great believers in the power of open source, and this is my personal chronicle of stuff that I either work on or am impressed and excited by.

My open source projects are hosted by the great guys at GitHub, and my personal blog is here.

P.S. I’m also a big fan of Seth Rogen and his movies (that would explain the address of this blog)