It’s ironic that I just finished watching a VelocityConf video and stumbled upon this gem from TechCrunch. A choice quote: For anyone who has seen the new Pixar movie,¬†Up, this reminds me of the scene where they have to throw stuff out of the house to make it float again. Every website (and that includes […]

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The English Premier League GitHub Application

After half a day’s worth of data-gathering and HTML/CSS/Javascript, I present to you: the EPL GitHub App. (Works on iPhone too) Brought to you by: GitHub, JQuery, UiUIKit, Ruby With inspiration from: Paul Buchheit It’s still very rough around the edges, and there are some more features I’d like to add. But I’ve found a […]

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I’m Arun Thampi, a Ruby developer at Wego, the kickass travel meta-search engine based in Singapore. We’re great believers in the power of open source, and this is my personal chronicle of stuff that I either work on or am impressed and excited by.

My open source projects are hosted by the great guys at GitHub, and my personal blog is here.

P.S. I’m also a big fan of Seth Rogen and his movies (that would explain the address of this blog)